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How to enjoy Easter responsibly

Just as you’ve worked off all those extra Christmas kilos, the Easter Bunny arrives. The supermarket shelves are packed full of Easter eggs. And it's not healthy plain chocolate, but deliciously rich milk chocolate with praline or vanilla filling. Yum! Then there's all that Easter bread to look forward to, with its delicious almond paste. Who knows, it could even make your Easter brunch with the in-laws slightly easier to bear.

But hang on a moment... is this really what you want? Surrendering yourself to snacking for weeks on end? One small Easter egg at work ends up actually being ten. And, at home, you have a dish full of them. For that special Easter atmosphere. You never know when visitors will drop by. In the meantime, the numbers in the bowl are shrinking rapidly. How will you survive this Easter?

Only at Easter...
What's the biggest pitfall when it comes to holidays that feature so much confectionery? Starting to enjoy it weeks in advance. By the time you actually reach Easter, the number of Easter eggs in the household can really mount up. They almost end up becoming your regular meal.

So what's the solution? Buy a single pack of small Easter eggs just a few days before Easter. And deliberately buy extra tasty, expensive high-quality Easter eggs so you can savour every single moment. Double the pleasure!

Healthy snacks
There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the occasion and decorating the living room table with fun treats for everyone. It doesn't only have to be meringues rich in sugar, lollipops and chocolate cupcakes. But what should you have instead?

Why not try dates: so sweet and soft that they could almost be confectionery. Totally natural confectionery. Add to them a dish of mixed nuts or some trail mix (gorp). Always a tasty treat.

Still want some chocolate? Then make it yourself.
Did you know that it's totally easy to make your own delicious chocolate? It can also be a lot healthier, because you'll consume less transfats. It's also quick to make and amazingly tasty.

  • Melt 200 g of dark chocolate (60-70% cocoa) in a pan, bain-marie style.

  • Add 4 tablespoons of oat cream or coconut cream and 2 tablespoons of honey.

  • Place greaseproof paper (50 x 50 cm) on a board.

  • Spread 100 g of roasted nuts with cranberries onto this (leaving enough room at the side).

  • Pour the hot chocolate sauce over it.

  • Place the board and chocolate in the freezer. After 20 minutes, the chocolate will have hardened, leaving you with the most delicious chocolate bar ever!

Sensible Easter brunch
So, you’re all sitting down to enjoy your Easter brunch? Take your time to really enjoy it. Literally. Eat twice as slowly as normal and focus on every mouthful of the brioche and Easter bread.

It need not be a 100% healthy lunch, although you can use brown rolls with raw vegetables. Just make sure you make it tasty. With a solid and healthy start, you are less likely to crave sugar. If you do end up eating something sweet, it will be much more sensible if you follow the tips above.


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