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Finding and ordering items

Our product line includes more than 1.500 items. We’d be glad to inform you about the product line available at the webshop and how to find and order the items you want.

Even before you’ve logged in, you can see all the items that are generally available at our webshop but without their prices. Once you are logged in, you can see all the items individually available for you, including their prices.

Finding items in the webshop
To find items in the webshop, you can use the search window at the top of the screen or click on the ‘Products’ button in the menu bar. On this page, you can select a product category at the top of the page and then refine your search by clicking on a subcategory found in the filter on the left. 

By clicking on a specific item, you will get an extensive product detail page.

Ordering items in the webshop
To order an item, click on the shopping cart to the right of the item. That item will then be added to your shopping cart. From the shopping cart, you can then complete and place your order.

Items not available
Items not available no longer display a shopping cart after them in the webshop. This means that they can no longer be ordered. The product detail page for such an item will display products that could replace it. You can then select which of the replacement items you want to order.

If you have any questions, you can get more information about our online selection by using our
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