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Shopping cart

Shopping cart
The shopping cart includes the items from the product range that you have added to the shopping cart and are going to order.

Completing your order

You can complete the ordering process by clicking the ‘Order’ button located on the right side of the screen.
Next, enter the delivery address, indicate the desired shipping option, and enter a reference. You can choose two options when entering a reference:

  • An order number you devise yourself that might be used for your own internal invoicing, etc.
  • Your name or initials.
This reference will appear on the packing slip and the invoice.
After completing the order, you can indicate the date on which you want to collect it or have it delivered.

Making changes in ‘My Order’

As long as your order has not been completed, you can still make changes to what you have in your shopping cart. You can increase or decrease the number of items you want to order, or you can remove an item from your shopping cart by clicking on the trash icon to the right of that item.

If you have any questions about the shopping cart at our webshop, you can use our
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