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For total suppliers that serve customers such as the hospitality sector, high-volume consumers, and the corporate market, we have a highly varied range of products that offers many options. We provide a total assortment for every market segment and place a high priority on delivery reliability, continuity, and quality. All of our products are selected with the greatest of care and have to meet strict quality requirements. This is how we have created an extensive line of products that meet the highest standards; this is also demonstrated by the fact that Delinuts has been awarded the BRC, IFS, UTZ (Chocolate, and Hazelnut), and SKAL certifications for quality.

We also consider the packaging of our products. Here, too, we can provide various options. This could be bulk packaging for the hospitality sector or smaller consumer-size packaging such as cups and small block bags, possibly even under a private label or your label. These are just a few examples of how you can satisfy your buyers’ preferences.

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